Downtime Reduction - Preventative Maintenance

Downtime Reduction - Preventative Maintenance

Plant maintenance has often been a mainly reactive process, with components being replaced when they have failed.

However, with the drive to optimise productivity, reliability and to deliver against scheduled commitments this approach has become outdated.

The focus has firmly switched to proactive management of the maintenance and servicing of plant equipment.

Our approach is one of preventative maintenance, which involves taking planned steps to minimise the risk of failure of critical equipment before this can happen.

We believe that the implementation of a preventative maintenance programme is vital, which is activity based on the equipment’s usage.

Regular planned tasks should be undertaken and recorded, such as filter changing at specific usage intervals and plant services at 1,000 hour intervals.

SBSF can offer a preventative maintenance programme to suit specific equipment and its production environment.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss, or to arrange, a preventative maintenance programme to suit your equipment’s needs.