SBSF's New Welding Fume Extraction System Installation

SBSF have installed a new welding fume extraction system.

The existing receiving hood system was not controlling the welding fume contaminants correctly, so we recommend that a new welding fume extraction arm LEV system was installed, which comprised a flexible exhaust arm and extraction fan.

The main benefits of using these arms are as follows:
  • Extraction from close to fume source
  • 360 degree rotation - The swivel attachment allows the extraction arms to fully rotate providing maximum flexibility
  • Simple to position - The fully flexible arm moves in all directions which allows for simple positioning with one hand
  • Self-supporting - Allows the arm to stay in position
  • Highly flexible - Simple to position, extend and retract, using a single hand grip the extraction arm can be easily extended and retracted to as close as practically possible to the fume source
  • Adjustment of extraction rate - The extraction hood has an integral damper to adjust the level of extraction



Please contact us if you have a similar requirement.