Preventative maintenance is strongly recommended in order to provide the maximum return on the considerable investment made in spray booth oven capital equipment. If the equipment is not serviced correctly and at the correct intervals it’s working life will be significantly reduced.

It has been proven that Preventative Service Maintenance will help prevent equipment breakdowns and highlight any issues that can be resolved before they lead to future reliability issues, which will cause disruption to the production process. 

We recommend spray booth service intervals of 1,000 hours equipment usage or annually, whichever is soonest. This may necessitate additional services on higher usage equipment.

Spray booth ovens are LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) systems and Under the HASAW Act, COSHH and LEV legislation the equipment should have a “Thorough Examination and Test” every fourteen months, as a minimum. We recommend this is carried out every twelve months as part of the service.

 All our Preventative Maintenance Services include an LEV test as standard.

A full list of the checks carried out at the service are available on request.

With thirty years’ experience in the Service of all types and makes of spray booth ovens we can provide you and your equipment with the professional support and advice that you require.

We provide the following items at Service visits:

  • Supply and fitting of Premium Quality filters
  • LEV testing and certification (Required every fourteen months)
  • Supply of compressed air filter regulators and replacement elements

Please call us on 0116 2338647, or 07480 264979, for further details